Connecting Students, Teachers, and Parents
With Companies

Explore Connections

Exploring your future just got easier


We work with businesses to create opportunities to show students, teachers and parents who they are, what they do and the skills they are looking for.
Opportunities range from Classroom speakers, job shadowing, on site tours and virtual connections to name a few.


Helping your student to discover their future has never been easier.
Setup a connection by contacting the Career Counselor for your county with the Business and opportunity you would like your student(class,group) to participate in and three prospective dates and times.


Through exploring these opportunities, you will gain an understanding and an awareness of local businesses and the career pathways that they hold.
Exploring career pathways allows for you to receive a first-hand look at skills needed for certain careers and may spark interest if you do not yet know what you would like to do after high school.

Experience through Connections 

Guest Speaker

Guest speakers,travel to the classroom to share their professional sotries, knowledge ,skills and experience with students.

On-Site Tours

Students,parents, and teachers travel to the company to learn first hand the skills, career pathways, and job duties required to work within the company.

Job Shadowing

With Job Shadowing a student will typically spend 3+ hours shadowing a position within a company to see if their interests align within the chosen career.

Skill Discovery

With Skills Discovery, students will be shown specific skills used by a company and reproduce these skills in a hands on activity. This connection can be done at a predetermined location.

Mock Interview

During the Mock Interviews a company representative will conduct a simulated interview with students, this can be done virtually, or on site at the participating school, or company if requested.


Company's will often hold events to give back to their communities. During these events students can assist in a volunteer position to learn leadership, communication, and team work skills

Summer Employment

Summer employment can include both part-time or full time positions depending on the age of the student. Summer employment allows a student the chance to learn work expectations, following direction, working with others and other employability skills.

Teacher Experiences

Connecting the educator directly with a business allows the educator to see the skills needed for her students to move through career pathways. Educators can then take this information back to their classroom to develop real life learning scenerios.